What's My Wine?

Expand your knowledge of wine with this fun, interactive wine tasting game

What's my Wine is a game for 4-16 players, or even more, and a fun way to spend time with friends and family… tasting, talking and learning about wine.

The aim is to guess the facts about the mystery wine, but also to let your taste buds and your imagination connect.

All you need is a few bottles of wine, some socks (yes really, some socks) and to want to spend some quality time with friends.

This is a game where everyone’s taste buds and everyone’s views, expert or not, really do count.


How do you tell a Merlot from a Zinfandel? A Grenache from a Gamay?

If you want to ‘develop your nose’ and have a more critical appreciation of wine, there’s a few things other than the taste to look out for…

Whats my wineWhat colour is it? Is it clear and bright?

whats my wineDoes it have a good ‘nose’?

Red wine can smell of red and black berry fruits, while many white wines have strong citrus character.

whats my wineFinally, taste the wine and see what it’s like on the palate.

Trying a lot of wine is the best way to explore the different aromas and flavours!

But there’s a lot more to what’smywine?® than just trying to work out the contents of the bottle.

Whats My Wine
What's my Wine - How it works

Using the wine wheels and the helpful tips, participants align the rotating bottle in the centre of each wheel with the main grape, the country of origin and the price of the wine.

Teams are then asked to produce a catchy advertising slogan or caption, or even a jingle, which aims to capture the character of the wine. These are presented to the bottle ‘owner’ in any way they choose.

The sock is pulled off and the ‘truth’ about the hidden wine is revealed. Points are awarded. Simple, quick and fun. And you may even have learnt something new about wine.

Now it’s onto another bottle. Can your team do even better on the next round of what'smywine?®


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Contents: Four wine wheels, four sets of tasting notes and instruction sheets. Pack dimensions: 238 x 238 x 44mm